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When I was in the 7th grade, I watched Billy Joel play at the Worcester Centrum. It was my first rock ‘n roll concert — and I was hooked for life. The sights, the lights, the vibrations, the emotions, the smells, the crowd, the videos, the music all combined to create a sensory overload that took over my body. I knew I wanted to be a part of this world, so I continued to attend concerts. What started at a few times a year eventually increased to a few times per week. I’ve been to a wide variety of shows, from Americana to Bluegrass to Blues to Folk to Indie to Jam, Jazz, Pop, Rock and more. I’ve attended concerts in living rooms and in stadiums. No matter the size of the crowd, that sensory experience affects me.

As a Deaf individual who has worn hearing aids from the age of 2, “hearing” the world around me means combining my senses to supplement what the hearing aids can bring me in sound. When I experience live music, I use my eyes to see the musicians and the instruments, of course, and my hearing aids for the sound. With my body I feel the vibrations and the beat. But my eyes also bring me the lyrics through sign language interpreters, the energy of the performers, and the drama of the show. With a camera in hand, I strive to translate and share what I hear/see with you.  I hope with my photographs you are able to see what I see: the emotions, the craft, and the stories the musicians are striving to convey.